Birthday: June 11th

Horoscope Sign: Gemini

Years Beauty Industry: Since 2016

List of Accomplishments in Career
Salon Stylist
Makeup Artist
Certified Educator for Framesi
Certified Extension Specialist for Perfectress

Favorite things to do in your free time:
Play animal crossing, watching crime shows, Korean dramas or Disney movies, trying new restaurants, going on adventures, reading, listening to podcasts (murder/self growth/hairdresser topics)

Describe your style: Eclectic

Favorite part of being a hair dresser:
Connecting with guests, developing a stylist-client relationship, creating beautiful hair masterpieces and witnessing the client fall back in love with their hair

Favorite quote

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out.”
– Dr Seuss

Tuesday 9:30AM-9PM
Thursday 9AM-9PM
Friday 12PM-7PM
Saturday 8AM-3PM